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I’m Sophie! Nice to meet you! I am 24, recently I graduated and I now have a masters degree in ‘Health Psychology’. I strongly belief that being healthy is very much about being happy, feeling good and taking good care of yourself. Stress is related to 99% of all diseases and people who feel good and take care of their emotional health have a very strong immune system and get sick rarely. Also, if you are happy you heal much faster than when you are not. When you are happy your cells are too. Remember.. be careful what you tell yourself, your cells are always listening. I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and right now I live in the beautiful San Francisco. I always loved traveling and have lived in Asia, America and had the opportunity to I travel to more than 20 countries in Asia, which was an amazing experience. I am addicted to bikram yoga and currently I study for a year to learn graphic design and web design. My food journey also has been quite a long one. I went from eating unhealthy, periods of unhealthy eating to being almost too obsessed with eating healthy. Now I finally found a way that works for me, what makes me happy and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Feeling good and staying slim is not about discovering some secret code or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Instead it’s about making conscious decisions, and eating foods that you enjoy, and make you feel satisfied. So many people are trying to lose weight by eating diet foods, diet sodas and low calorie, low carb foods. Those foods may have zero calories, but they have tons of chemicals and toxins that will not make you feel good inside and out. They will diminish your natural beauty because they are not natural. Eating should be a way to nurture and energize yourself, it is not supposed to be not be stressful. Feed yourself healthy, living & nurturing foods but importantly, also feed yourself lots of love, fun & pleasure. I hope to inspire you, also when things are not ideal, by sharing my finds online that are about all kinds of things that are good for you.

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